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Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance

Learn to recognize ethical dilemmas and identify informed solutions to them.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Maintain credibility with your clients and preserve the trust on which insurance transactions are based through your study of ethical, insurance-based case studies.

Every course has benefited my career in some fashion. Many times when making a decision on a promotion, your education will help in making you the more desired choice for the position you are going for.

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Tracie Warder CPCU, AU, AINS Commercial Farm Ranch Consultant at American Family Insurance

Course Details

Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance

Acquire the decision-making tools to maintain ethical standards and preserve the public’s trust.

  • Supporting Professionalism
  • Insurance Professionals and High Ethical Standards
  • Ethical Responsibility to Groups, Dilemmas, Case Studies
  • Ethical Theories and Decision-Making Tools
  • Barriers to Ethical Decision Making
Course Level
Average Completion Time
3-4 Hours

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