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Important Exam Updates

Due to COVID-19 and exam center closures, our exam policies and options have been updated. Please visit our Exam Updates page for the most up-to-date information.

Three Things You Need to Know

70% The minimum score you need to pass an Institutes exam.

4 The number of testing windows in a calendar year.

2 The amount of times you can take same exam in one testing window, or four times in a calendar year.

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Registering and scheduling exams

Registering for your exam

When you order your designation study materials, you can also register for your exam during the testing window of your choosing. Selecting your exam at the same time you choose your materials ensures that you receive the most up-to-date content for your chosen testing window.

To register for your exam, visit the relevant designation page of the program you are pursuing. Or, contact your human resources or training department for your company’s specific registration process.

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Scheduling your exam

Once you register for an exam window, you will need to schedule your exam appointment as soon as possible to lock in your preferred exam date. The majority of our designation exams are computer based and administered in two-month testing windows at either a Prometric testing center, an Institutes approved on-site testing center, or virtually. Connect with your manager or training department to find out if your company is an on-site testing center before registering for your exam.

Schedule your appointment when you know you will be ready to sit for the exam. Scheduling an appointment far in advance and then rescheduling could deprive another examinee of a desired testing date and time. We recommend scheduling the exam appointment early in the testing window in case the exam must be rescheduled or retaken. Students are responsible for any missed appointment due to a personal or work-related scheduling error. Virtual exams do not need to be scheduled.

Schedule your appointment by either: 

  • Visit the Prometric website to schedule an exam appointment or to locate a center. Provide your Student ID number when asked for the Candidate ID number
  • Call Prometric at (877) 311-2525. Provide the following information:

    • Your name as it appears in your Account Manager on the The Institutes’ website. If the name on your photo ID does not match the name in the Account Manager, do not proceed any further. Contact The Institutes immediately

    • Your Student ID as it appears above and in your Personal Information on Your Account manager screen on The Institutes’ website. Prometric might refer to your Student ID number as a Candidate ID number. They are the same.

    • The name of The Institutes’ course/exam you are taking and its two or three digit number. For example AINS 21, AAI 81, or CPCU 540. Refer to the top of this confirmation notice or to your course guide for assistance.

    • The name of the testing center where you want to take the exam. A list of testing centers is available on Prometric’s website.

    • Your daytime telephone number and e-mail address

    • The day after making an appointment, visit the Prometric website to verify and print a copy of your appointment information to take to the test center. Call Prometric immediately if there is a discrepancy.

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Before Exam Day:

Familiarize yourself with the testing center location before the day of your exam. Look up the address in advance to plan your route and be aware of any possible construction issues or other traffic considerations. Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before your exam appointment to find parking and check in.

Visitors and companions are not permitted to wait in the testing center.

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Study Resources and Exam Day Guides

The What to Expect section of each designation page can answer many of your questions on studying and exam day. This includes information on “Starting a designation: Your guide for success” which provides tips on practice exams, study guides and everything else you might need, and “Conquering exam day which will make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

Our students also offer a wealth of advice, support, and study insights. Connect with them on our Institutes' Chat on Facebook

When it comes to studying, we know your life is busy, and fitting in time to study can be a challenge. Remember why you started in the first place and focus on your end goal to keep you motivated throughout your journey. To help you along, here are some resources to make sure you feel prepared.

Check out "What to Expect on Exam Day" and "After Exam Day."

For more proven exam preparation techniques, download our "How to Prepare for Institutes Exams" guidebook. 

Exam Prep Guidebook
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Rules of Conduct

The Institutes, in accordance with its mission to provide educational programs and professional certification to individuals in the insurance industry, has a commitment and obligation to ensure that those who receive our designations and certifications meet academic and professional standards. To that end, The Institutes developed two codes or sets of rules.  CPCUs and CPCU candidates are subject to the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct.  They along with all other persons taking Institutes exams are subject to The Institutes’ Code of Academic and Professional Integrity.

In addition, everyone taking an Institutes’ exam must follow certain procedures when they take the exam.  These guidelines or procedures (e.g., not using notes when taking an exam) are outlined above and every student must agree to these at the beginning of the examination session before being allowed to take the exam.  These procedures are incorporated by reference into The Institutes’ Code of Academic and Professional Integrity.

Any examinee who is found to have violated The Institutes' Rules of Conduct for test administration forfeits the right to confidentiality.

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Rescheduling, Transferring, or Cancelling Your Exam

Life gets busy, and sometimes you’ll need to change your exam appointment. If that happens, here’s what you can do.

Reschedule your exam in the same testing window

On-site centers have their own policies for rescheduling. Contact your center directly to reschedule or connect with your manager to find out more.

If rescheduling at a Prometric testing center, please note the following:

  • There is a $50 rescheduling fee. The reschedule fee is charged and collected by Prometric and agreed to by The Institutes. If you are within the 3-12 days window and you have a legitimate hardship that requires you to reschedule an appointment and that you believe would warrant an exception to the application of this fee, please contact Prometric Customer Care directly at (800) 775-3926.
  • The rescheduling fee is waived if you are rescheduling at least 12 business days before your original scheduled appointment. Business days are defined as Monday-Friday, excluding holidays observed by Prometric.
  • Rescheduling requests less than three days before the scheduled test date cannot be accommodated.

To change an appointment to another date within the same testing window, please have your appointment confirmation number available and go to the Prometric website or call (877) 311-2525 at least three business days before your original appointment date.

A registration is valid for only one testing window.

Transfer your exam to the next testing window

If you were not able to take your exam in your scheduled exam window you can transfer to the next testing window. Contact The Institutes at least three days before your scheduled exam to transfer to the next testing window. Additionally, please note that a transfer fee will be charged. You may refer to our Exam Registration booklet to see current transfer fee costs.

Transfer Deadline

If you do not have a scheduled appointment, a request to transfer a registration is accepted until the last business day of the testing window for which you are registered. However, a transfer fee applies.

Cancel your exam

Contact The Institutes to cancel your exam appointment and registration, which will also cancel your appointment at the Prometric Testing Center. A cancellation fee of $145 for on-site testing centers and $185 for Prometric testing centers will apply. If you cancel your exam appointment and registration within 3 to 12 days of your exam, you may be eligible for a partial credit. Refer to the appropriate Registration Booklet for the specific credit amount.

Note: Canceling your appointment through Prometric does NOT cancel your exam registration. You also must cancel or transfer your registration with The Institutes. Otherwise, no credit will be granted. An appointment must be canceled at least three business days before the test date.

An exam registration and the Prometric appointment must be canceled at least three business days before the appointment date.

Common Exam Questions

Exam Registration Booklet

The Exam Registration booklet is a comprehensive guide on the Institutes exams. Inside you'll find details on topics such as:

  • Special Discounts
  • International Exams
  • Exam Fees
  • Important Program Information and Changes
  • And more

Examinees are expected to have reviewed The Institutes’ examination Registration Booklet which contains information about The Institutes’ policies and procedures related to the release of personal information and examination administration

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The Institutes Exams are copyrighted. Any reproduction of materials contained in an Institutes examination, in whole or in part, through any means, including but not limited to videotaping, copying or printing of electronic files, reconstruction through memorization and/or dictation, and/or dissemination of exam materials or derivative works through any form of verbal, electronic or written communication, is strictly prohibited.