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Captive Insurance Fundamentals

Learn the key characteristics and benefits of captive insurance.

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Bottom-Line Benefits

This course will allow you to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of captive insurance programs and confidently explain the benefits of a captive insurer as a risk-financing tool and meet an insured's specific and unique needs. 

Every course has benefited my career in some fashion. Many times when making a decision on a promotion, your education will help in making you the more desired choice for the position you are going for.

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Tracie Warder CPCU, AU, AINS Commercial Farm Ranch Consultant at American Family Insurance

Course Details

Captive Insurance Fundamentals

Develop an understanding of captive insurers and their benefits as a risk financing tool.

  • Captive Insurance Characteristics
  • Forming a Captive Insurer
  • Captive Insurance As a Risk Financing Tool
  • Operating a Captive Insurer
Course Level
Average Completion Time
3-4 Hours

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